3 Rocker Combination Switch. Help re-wiring.?

Posted By on July 10, 2011

The home I moved in to has a 3 way Rocker Combination switch in the bathroom. it controlled the ceiling light/fan. How it worked was this: the top switch turned on the light but dim. with the top switch on, turning on the 3rd switch brightened the light (im guessing it turned on another bulb?) and also turned on the exhaust fan. Without the top switch on, the 3rd switch does nothing. the middle switch does nothing no matter what.

The way it was wired: Black wire on the left side. On the right side, it had a white wire on top, white wire in the middle, and Black wire on the bottom.

My question is this. Can I wire something into the middle switch? I want to put another light above the mirror. so far, I am having no luck making this work right. the last thing I tried, I can only get the middle switch to go on, if I have the bottom right switch on as well.

Can someone help me out here or is this just not possible? the brand is Leviton but I do not know the model number of the switch.

The top switch is for a night light and regular light, the middle is for the bath fan the the bottom is for a heater. This link has the wiring diagram.


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